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Day 2 – Tuscan Beaches.

I woke up to a bright and calm morning. Calm besides a distant murmur from the sea. It was cold. In fact colder as you would expect it at the Mediterranean Sea at the beginning of March. Obviously cold air was coming down from the mountains inland. I had the obligatory wakeup coffee and then drove the short distance to my favourite marina.

It was still the off-season and the area was very quiet, if not to say abandoned. While in summer time the wide beach is strictly divided and fenced off by the numerous Bagni (privately managed parts of the beach with the typical set up of a bar, changing rooms and precisely parcelled spots at the beach equipped with parasols and lounger, you have to pay to enter these Bagnis) now it was still a vast area of sand. Some Bagnis had already started with cleaning the beach from driftwood and trash and levelling of the sand to prepare for season’s opening in a couple of weeks.

But the hotels and holiday houses on the other side of the street were still in hibernation, with windows barricaded, wall colours not refreshed and gardens not manicured. There was very little traffic on the road running along the beach, parking space was available in abundance and – maybe the clearest sign – parking fees along the beaches were not demanded.

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