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After all that spectacular views of the past two days I felt the need to get wet myself. Mundaka still isn´t my league and the other spots in the vicinity would probably still be overstrained with the remnants of that solid swell. So I decided to drive further west into new territory. My buddy Timo had given me some advice and the beaches of Laredo seemed to be a good option. I wanted to get there the same day to be ready the next morning for a dawn patrol. So I continued driving despite being quite a bit tired from the day shooting at Mundaka and the drive along the curvy roads along the coast. Passing Bilbao was exiting on the impressive motorway route cutting through several mountains and leading over high bridges. The views on the town and the harbour in the last light of the day and the busy traffic kept me thrilled and awake.

The following drive of about an hour got more and more on my nerves, a clear sign that I was overstraining my body. When I finally reached the exit to Laredo I was confused on which road to take but managed to find the right one after a little detour. I drove down to the old town centre and was struck with the bustling life on the narrow streets. But I really needed a sleep so I drove on and tried to reach the beach. This wasn´t an easy task as there were no signs and I got lost again until I finally saw signs for the beach. I followed them but soon got suspicious. These signs guided me into a bizarre quarter of Laredo that looked very suspicious. I passed massive seventies style apartment blocks in a pretty dilapidated state along empty and sparse lit roads. This didn´t look like a beachside village at all, it resembled more a drug and crime infested barrio of a large city.

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