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The next morning the weather was surprisingly fine. The forecast had predicted rain but that was now obviously due for later in the day. I decided to take advantage of this change of the weather and cycle along the narrow road at the south-eastern shores of the Lysefjord to do some sightseeing.

The road follows the shore of the Fjord closely in a little bit of up and down and offered a couple of mind-blowing views on the calm sea and the towering cliffs. The weather was fine, and I enjoyed the ride a lot. Way too soon for my taste I reached the point, where the road left the shore and turned inland. The weather was brilliant now with bright sunshine and fairly warm temperatures. I decided to go for further exploration and followed the road inland. Soon I reached a lake and followed the road along its shore to its east side, from where it started an uphill into a wide valley.

My mountain-self now urged me to continue cycling along the slowly ascending narrow road. It lead through a lush green valley bottom bordered by vast rock shelfs for a while and at the end of the valley plunged into a steep uphill via a series of serpentines. My mountain-self got excited and urged me cycle up there.

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