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At Brusand the miraculous rock-hill landscape abruptly ends, and the coastal flats of Jaren begin. The bay here is orientated south-west and wouldn´t be ideal for the forecasted wind direction. It was late in the evening now and I was tired and started to look for a place to spend the night, which, after some vain detours I found at Obrestad. There is a larger parking down at the stony beach in front of a visitor centre. I parked here in the last light of the day, went out for a quick check of the area, was met by a icy wind and hurried back into the van to get to sleep.

It was a cold night and Sunday morning I woke to a less strong, but still icy wind and bright sunshine. But that changed, as the northerly wind occasionally brought clouds and solid rainsqualls. I headed to the (still closed) visitor centre and found out that the flat stone hills along the coast were the remnants of some ancient Viking settlements. I walked over to the remnants of the village facing a little natural harbour, had to seek shelter from another rains squall down there, walked back in bright sunshine, started the van and drove up to the lighthouse where I was greeted by another rain squall and had breakfast up there while the rain was pouring outside.

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