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Story / photos by: Chris Hafer, Flo Söhnchen

When I think about Morocco, immediately images of 1000 and one nights pop up in my head. Relatively close but nevertheless far away, this country and its culture always have attracted travellers, artists and musicians. Jimmy Hendrix was one of them spending some time in Essaouira in the late 60ies.

Jimmy new where it´s good. The legend says that some of his songs were created during his stay, like the classic „And the Wind cries Mary“, inspired by the constant wind blowing in Essaouira and at least now not only guitarist but also windsurfers spring to attention.

For a long time Essaouira, Moulay and Sidi Kaouki were places for people with a lot of time, driving their rattling VW buses to town to savour the perfect climate. The constantly blowing wind along the coast makes sure that it never gets too warm and at the same time delivers enough power for small windsurfing sails.

The quality of a windsurfing spot can often be judged by the local talents. Pozo on Gran Canaria is a good example for this theory but Moulay also produces a bunch of talents, with Boujimaa Guilloul the one turning heads on the world tour with his home-grown windsurfing skills.

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