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I got up with dawn to particularly nasty weather. It was raining and temperatures were in the very low single digits. I tried to warm up with a coffee and then tried to leave, but once again failed to pay the parking fee at the cashing machine. After some cursing and pushing the help button the guard of the camper van site appeared and somehow made the machine accept my credit card.

But the next obstacle was the box where you have to put the ticket in to open the gate. This just didn´t work. So, after more cursing the guard appeared again, this time cursing himself. It had started to rain again and was pouring down now. I learned that I had to drive my van back behind the photo sensor and forth again. Now the machine accepted my ticket and let me pass the barrier.

When I reached the pier the rain had stopped and it started to clear up. Up on the mountains fresh snow was shining. The wind had turned offshore, and everything seemed set up for a day with some nice waves. I headed out to the bridge head to see what the sea had on offer. The swell was there but the waves weren´t breaking well yet. Maybe the offshore needed more time to put order into the wobbly peaks.

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