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The Search – Southeast

The reason for throwing my original travel plans over board was the absolute flatness in the north and a forecast that left at least a chance for some waves at the southeast. But it was also landscape of vast black sand beaches meeting huge glaciers in between fantastic mountains that attracted me. From all I knew it was well worth visiting more than one time and I just didn´t want to wait two months until I would reach the area again at the end of my trip.

And there was some swell forecasted for the east coast. A very small swell but I had hope to find a sandbar that might transform this into surfable waves. Hofn, where I had booked two nights on the campsite, seemed to be a good base camp to start the search as it is located just inland on a large glacial alluvium in between two capes that were connected by an about 30 kilometres long sand beach.

I woke up to bright sunshine and a stiff south-westerly wind. After breakfast I checked the batteries which should have recovered from the long drive yesterday and the sunny morning sending plenty of energy to my solar panels. But the loading level was only a tiny bit better then yesterday. I opened the engine hood and fumbled with the cables coming from the alternator to the cut-off relay in the vain hope to find some easy to fix loose cable-connection. And I checked the fuse in between the cut-off relay and the batteries and – eureka! – this fuse was broken. I replaced it and had high hopes that I had fixed the energy problem.

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