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A little boat trip

That was the reason that we got up at 6:30 in the morning. Just a little boat trip to that beautifull little island that had attracted our attention every time we came to the harbour. Again and again we scanned that uninhabited island that seemed to be just a stone chip away. A good swimmer might even be able to reach it in about an hour. but even so, it was not that easy to reach it. Sure, there is a ferry, but it leaves the harbour at 10:30. And the last one comes back at 16:30. Very little time to explore the island. Impossible to do it without the company of solid crowds on the right day. Too little time to savour the islands treasure in relative solitude. Because despite some locals trying to keep the treasure a secret most of the surfers in the area knew about it.

Breakfast was short. To be correct, it was just a coffee and a banana. It was still dark when we drove into the parking lot at the harbour. Everybody was kind of nervous. It had been quite difficult to find a place on a boat. And finding a place on a boat meant to be very previliged because one could get to the island before the first ferry was to reach it. And that meant about 3 hours of relatively uncrouded surf. Really good surf if the conditions were right.

Forcasts sounded quite good and promised a solid swell. Just the predicted wind could have a tricky direction, which intensified our nervousness. We prepared our stuff in the darkness. We had to hurry, because to the east the first shimmers of sunlight started to light up the sky and we wanted to miss as little surf time as possible. The boys got into their wetsuits and prepared the boards. I prepared my camera stuff. That was the prize for the lift. I had promised to film the surfers who owned the boats which finally convinced them to take us abord. Being a party of 6 we needed two boats.

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