Sweet Friday p2

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Frank took the turn a few more times. Waiting patiently at the jetty for a pause in between sets, paddling out as quick as possible, throwing himself into a killer drop, dissapearing under loads of whitewater for quite some time, getting swept on the beach a few hundred meters further down, walking back to the jetty....

I had great respect for that much perseverence.

A little later two danes came to the beach and went out with sticks. One of them is the current stand out surfer in the area and immediately showed me how to surf these waves on the backside. Now more and more surfers appeared and with up to 12 guys on the water it got really crowded for this spot, that can handle a maximum of 5 guys.

Despite this crowd most guys just had a big grin in their face, only mixed with an expression of nonbelieving. When dacat rolled in, his screams of exitement could be heared down at the beach. Later he got a good package of hold downs, as did Tim, and both told about running out of air down there. The North Sea showed its muscles.

Roland and Hansi also showed up in the late afternoon and surfed the smaller but still perfect rights far into darkness. Also quite late an unknown longboarder went out and immediately dominated the lineup with very deep take offs in front of the jetty.

And finally I finished shooting pictures and went out, enjoying the the fantastic nordic dusk light in super glassy waves, still not really believing where I was, took a wave and was just happy.

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