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Ponta Preta – A threatened wave.

Once again, brainless and unscrupulous development puts a wave in danger.

This time we´re talking about Ponta Preta on Sal, Cabo Verde, a real gem in the northern Atlantic for windsurfers and surfers alike. While surfers might have waves of similar quality somewhere else, windsurfers do not have anything comparable. The machine-like peeling right-hander gets consistent side-offshore winds at an almost every day basis during the trade wind season and transforms into a unique and incredible good down the line sailing playground. The reef holds the biggest of swells and created quite a few legendary sessions.

A “must have sailed there once in my life” wave that in addition offers excellent surfing conditions in the mornings or during the few windless days in winter.

Now, this place already had been damaged by the building of that hotel at the beach further down, which disturbs the wind and affects water quality in a once pristine eco system. Now – not to the surprise of anybody knowing this place – they found out, that the beach in front of the hotel / holiday resort doesn´t quite fit the demands of tourists who want to go for a swim. This part of the coast is fully exposed to North Atlantic winter swells and the resulting shore-break can be a nightmare. Now these experts want to fix their initial planning error by building a breakwater to improve swimming for the hotel guests.

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