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Head East - a trip to Germany´s largest island

She: “Listen, what are we going to do in autumn?”
He: “Why are you asking? Denmark, like always, right?”

This way or in a similar way plans for the windy autumn days might be made by quite a few windsurfers in North Germany. Images of perfect days in
Hanstholm or at the mussel reef in Klitmoeller appear in one´s head and one cannot imagine a better destination for an autumnal short trip.

These dreams might get dampened once the partner or friends, whom you want to travel with, are not equally enthusiastic about windsurfing as you. At least then questions pop up about alternatives offering good windsurfing conditions in waves and on flat water AND having enough options for windless periods. Plus: these places shouldn´t require too much driving to get there.

After a quick check on google maps and inspired by the good experiences that I made during the “Big Days” event, that came off in absolutely classy windsurfing conditions in Neu Mukran, Germany´s biggest island Rügen soon stood far up in the list. The search for a fitting accommodation was fairly easy – the range is large and you soon realize that the island is a tourist magnet during holiday season like barely another region in North Germany.

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Story by Flo Söhnchen, photos by Valerie Luther / Flo Söhnchen