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La Gironde: This mighty estuary of the rivers Garonne and Dordogne separates the French Atlantic coast. The shallow waters north of it (if we keep La Bretagne besides) usually allow only mediocre surf. The area north of the estuary lies a bit off the beaten path, villages and sea baths had their best times quite a while ago. Still, the landscape is quite beautiful, with steep cliffs in change with fine beaches and rolling hills behind. South of the Gironde starts that about 180 km long stretch of sand with deeper waters in front and pine woods behind, that can be beach break heaven. During the summer months, this is also an infamous heaven for surf beginners, students on surf holidays with the main goal to get as many others students as possible laid and careless suicidal beach goers whom very hard working lifeguards prevent from drowning in the underestimated power of the shore breaks. Traffic jams around here are legend. Parties too.

Yoga: Still en vogue is yoga lesions. Often practised at morning, right on the beach, mainly by females that did not get drunk the night before. Wrong timing in my opinion. Mornings should be reserved for surfing.

Lacanau: Ribald attacks on the olfactory organs by the paper mill at the entrance to the town. Don´t know how locals and tourists at the adjacent houses can stand this. Besides that the village is kept in shape with almost German orderliness. Very clean, very tidy. The luxury campground at the beach we used for an extensive cleaning session. The beach was accurately bulldozed in the morning, populated by a few yoga courses and some surf schools. Waves were very mushy because of the onshore. We left after we finished our laundry.

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