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La Grande Boucle

July 2012, France, 4 weeks family holidays (no surf trip!).

5960 km via: Paris – Chambord - La Rochelle – La Flotte - Ars en Ré – Les Portes – St. Martin – Meschers – Capbreton – St. Jean de Luz – Lafitenia – Bayonne – St. Jean Pied de Port – Col d´Haritzcuruche – Sainte-Engrace – Tardets-Sorholus - Mauléon-Licharre - Sauveterre-de-Béarn - Capbreton – Mimizan – Cap Ferret – Lacanau – Royan - La Rochelle – Chateaubriant – Les Tourailles – Putanges – Ste. Croix sur Orne – Flers – Cerisy Belle Étoile – Villedieu – Coutances – Pirou – Granville – Vauville – Cap de la Hague – Barfleur – Les Tourailles – Trouville / Deauville – Etretat – Amiens – Lille

Here´s a few impressions of our great tournament:

Alcohol testers: Since July 2012 you are obliged to carry an alcohol testing set in your car. Never expected something like this in France. Maybe this is an effort to reduce the countries debts. Very sympatric that these things were sold out when we came and it was supposed to take several months until they would be available again.

Car wash: At almost every supermarket gas station you find do-it-yourself car washes with steamers that you can use with vans. Very helpful when at home your truck is parked underneath a tree spreading sticky pollen on your van´s roof.

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