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Visiting Godzilla

No, absolutely no. No, I won´t do it. Otherwise, one could just…. just a short look, simply clicking on… no, stay firm, don´t do it!

Those of you, who have followed our recent travel reports might have notized, that the wind gods were not always gracious to us. Often, epic wind and wave forecasts vanished into nothing once we reached our destinations. Not too good, especially when the optimistic forecast had created huge expectations. Most of the times we finally got at least something but often actual conditions by far didn´t match our expectations.

Therefor it was clear pretty soon, that this time we needed a radically different approach. No forecast checking, no anticipation, just get into the airplane without any emotions and do a daily walk to the beach every day to see how it is. We had chosen El Medano on
Tenerife, during summer usually a place that is guaranteed to have wind and waves. Is it?

Flo in advance nevertheless was trying to seduce us to a weather check on the web, but all his efforts stayed unsuccessful, even when we had to make decisions about what gear to take. We decided rather to annoy the wind gods and leave the small sails at home. At some point even Flo decided to follow this philosophy, left at home his 3.3 sail with a lot of complaints and flew to Tenerife 12 hours before us. With this lead he almost managed to pick us up at the airport in time. He made it only almost, because he had to take a morning sailing session as the northeast trades had kicked in just after his arrival. We also went for a session as soon as possible, but only after Flo had picked us up with hair still wet and a solid delay.

continue >>>                                    Story and photos by Chris Hafer and Flo Söhnchen