Fuerteventura Wave Classic

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Fuerteventura Wave Classic

Back in the early eighties Fuerteventura was called the Hawaii of the Atlantic by the windsurfers. For a few years every autumn a steady stream of European windsurfers started the long journey to the island to spend the winter on the north shore and sail it´s excellent waves. They even had a few contests there but soon found out that during winter the wind is too inconsistent . So the windsurfers started to move south to the infamous Jandia speed and freestyle arena or went to Gran Canaria or Tenerife and left Fuerteventuras north shore to the surfers and a few watermen who rode these waves with or without sail assistance.

But now it seems that this extraordinary wave sailing venue will be rediscovered. French wavesailors JB Caste and Thomas Traversa – both very keen to charge in waves of consequences – initiated the Fuerteventura Wave Classic. This event is an invitational with one goal: riding the biggest and cleanest waves possible at Fuerteventuras north shore. Base camp will be set at Cotillo, just perfect to reach the venues on offer: Cotillo, Spew Pits, Puertito and a few more, all of them open to the powerfull North Atlantic winter swells.

Riders will be invited by JB and Thomas and will be choosen by their skills in solid waves. 12 “foreign” wave sailors will meet 4 local heroes. Up to date the riders list reeds like a who´s who of wavesailing with the likes of Alex Mussolini, John Skye, Jonas Ceballos, Boujmaa Guilloul, Francesco Porcella (who had a very good performance at the just finished PWA-event on Cabo Verde), Marcilio Browne, Anthony Ruenes , Klaas Voget, Dario Ojeda, Robin Goffinet and the initiators JB Caste and Thomas Traversa. They will meet local riders Yannick Anton, Will Ward, Stéphane Etienne and Ilya Escario (for details check this, for interviews klick here).

Depending on the conditions the riders will every morning decide where to go and what to do: have a free session or start the heats. Riders will judge themselves with the focus on riding most radical, taking risks, picking the best waves and showing the most style. Preferred conditions are: waves minimum mast high, wind side offshore……

The idea of the FWC was born at a meeting of the two French riders Thomas Traversa and JB Caste. What´s better for learning more about this new contest format then having a little interview ? We took advantage of a session of the two protagonists during a « fresh » day with Mistral at the spot La Coudouliére (Six-Fours – southern France) . (Interview by Steve)

Could you explain how the selection of the invited riders was made ?

The invited riders are all friends of us from the PWA-tour. As there is a very good mood on the tour we could convince almost everyone to come.

When did you have the idea for this project ?

In fact both of us were injured at that time and we were running around in circles. While discussing things we found out that we both had the same idea, to organize a contest at Fuerteventura ! Immediately we were motivated, we asked the riders if they would participate if we would organize an event. They had all agreed. Then we talked to Pierre Bracar and Orlando (7th Wave Center) and Gilles Calvet (photographer) who already were there…..

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