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The Fuerte Diary

Thirteen days in January on Fuerteventura brought me an unusual amount of rain, great hospitability, plenty of wind, some decent waves, the sound of an 80-ies VW Boxer engine, an absolutely non-digital camping trip, a rides on a tiny boat, a never ending cold, the best birthday present to imagine, a hint of sunshine, the encounter with a very skilled boy, some cuts in my right foot, more rides on a tiny boat and all together some memories that will last.

This is the diary about my time on this dry and barren island.


The trip started with a little detour as strong southerly winds over central Europe forced us to take a more westerly route. This led to some nice vistas on England’s south coast, the Brittany coast and the Ile d´Ouessant. West of Africa cloud porn was on offer which wasn´t that funny ´cause they were thick and hanging low. Fuerteventura decided to greet me with decent rainfall. Next thing I saw, when we left the clouds at the landing process was a weird golf resort in a weird place. Looks like nothing has changed at the abstruse tourist development policy of the island.

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