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Monday morning we got up like in a dream. The swell was a bit smaller and the winds were good. El Bravo had half the size of yesterday (5 to 6 meters) but very solid with a lot of power and a big rock at the center of the peak to make tow in surfing even more interesting. We were watching a few good waves and the Canarians showing a lot of talent and passion surfing big waves. We watched as with the arrival of the offshore wind the wave started to form tubes and we knew that we would return in the future (next time with 5 meters and perfect tubes).

Together with Paul, Alex, Fernando, Vilayta and Zeben and using the combined experiences we made in Ireland, the Canaries and the UK, we discussed the different security tools, the boards and the problems that cause the closures of ports, that hinder us practicing our sport with a maximum of security and the resulting need of a better support by the local authorities in the future.

We relized that the big talent of the Canarians could evolve even more if they had the help necessary to develop it on the Canaries and outside the islands. We´re waiting for the day when they come to Ireland to have a Tow In session together.

Thanks a lot to the team of La Santa Surf and all the sponsors who made this possible, as well to the canarian surfers for all the waves and the good memories that we shared.

Paul O´Kane (48 years) Ireland

It took me two hours driving through Ireland to get to the airport. Some more hours later I landed at tenerife south, under a brillant sun that gave me a cozy warmth on the back. Seis awaited us at the airport to drive us to Puerto de la Cruz and check the waves. My first view on Punta Brava was intense, with massive waves braking very close to sharp rocks sticking out of the sea like french fries. I really like surfing big waves and using the jet ski but I have to admit that when I saw El Bravo I felt a bit scared.

During this Monday afternoon we got slowly into meeting the local surfers, their friends and family. All I can say is that the warm wellomming we got from them was exceptional. “Gracias a todos!”

Tuesday morning we got up early and in the dark we reached the sea. With first light we prepared everything to get surfing El Bravo. We launched the jetskies at the rocky beach of Martiánez (because we could not get out at El Muelle) and drove to the break. There I was very impressed by the level of the local surfers in big waves.

Zeben, Vilayta, Alex and Fernando were charging with Duncan towing them and they can be proud of their performance. I want to thank Fernando and Vilayta for towing me into my waves. The wave is beautifull and challenging, Yahoooo!

I want to thank the people of La Santa surf and all the supporters for this fantastic idea. I´d like to come back to Puerto de la Cruz de Ternerife and would love to surf together with the canarian boys in Ireland.

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photos: top of page by Ruben Plasencia, to the right by Jose V Glez