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The Essaouira Wave Classic

Usually we do not report much about competitions on this site as our focus is on travelling. But once in a while there is an event that really grabs our interest, be it because of its special format, an extraordinary event location or outstanding performances on the water. Steve Palierīs Wave Classic events very much fit into this scheme as they focus on the best possible spots and conditions, very much include local cultur and have a contest format that helps the participants to perform the most. Itīs always a pleasure to watch these events.

Besides retelling the whole story – if you didnīt follow it check the event site  - we just let the riders tell their personal experiences:

Fettah Lamara (‘Best Local’ and ‘Best local on the Jump Session’ and captain of the Winning team)
It seems that these 10 days were not enough as it has been so good. Super ambiance, great feeling between everybody. I have a souvenir to cross some guys I was competing with on the water and they were all smiling! This contest was also a very good thing for the young locals. If I have one thing to remember, it’s when I was judging on the beach, watching at this kid (Soufiane) ripping on the water and charging hard. It’s 3 months he knew about this event in
Moulay and it’s 3 months he trains hard to land his backloops. On this day, during his heat, he perfectly landed a high backloop. That was good to see and I could feel the thrills in me! Regarding the Team concept, this is a spirit I have really enjoyed better than on a ‘man on man’ because you even give more than your best to score good points because you know you have some mates supporting you. When you sail for yourself, you can have bad times… I’m very stoked with the ‘best local’ award as it’s almost 4 years since I have stopped windsurfing and so regressed a bit because of my work. I am back on the water since 2 years now and sail more often, train hard, so this trophy is a great reward for me!

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