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Dos Gringos

"No Guns - No Jokes!" 

Clear warnings straight in your face, anywhere, as soon as you enter American soil. The Americans seem to have lost their sense of humor and fun since 9/11. In clear contrast to this somber state of mind, we were set on having maximum fun, flying to San Diego. To be precise, San Diego was only our first stop, on our way to Punta San Carlos, Baja California, Mexico. Since we watched in awe the pictures of the 1999 PWA Worldcup taking place in Punta San Carlos, this spot was high up on our to-do list. But sometimes, it takes some time to make dreams come true. Especially as a certain volcano in Island blocked our first attempt to fly to San Diego with his cloud of volcanic ash....

What made it even more difficult is the fact that Punta San Carlos is a spot that is a bit secluded, to say the least. It is still not a spot overrun by herds of tourists. But this made it even more special to us, and after a very brief stop in San Diego we were on our way with a 4wd loaded to the brim, crossing the Mexican Border in Tijuana and following the Highway 1 down south, destination Baja California. Our instructions advised us to turn onto a dirt road after 5 hours driving along the highway, and to get some beer for the slow and bumpy 2 hour ride to the coast. Being spotted as Gringos at the counter of the only bar in Rosario we were asked where we were heading. Punta Santa Carlos as an answer only got us the reply: „one beer is not enough then...“

After the first dusty hour on the dirt road we realized they were right, a whole box of beer would have been perfect. At least the landscape around us was stunning, a mix between the surface of the Mars and the set for old western movies. Huge cacti, high sierras and a lot of nothing in between. Exactly 59 km and nearly 2 hours later we finally reached the ocean and the Solo Sports camp materialized in front of us like an Oasis,

continue >>>                               Story by Chris Hafer & Flo Söhnchen, Photos by Chris Hafer