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The Yachtclub a bit east of Cagliaris city centre is run by the Italian Top Racer Mauro Cove who welcomed us on our arrival with typical Italian kindness. As did the wind gods, who delivered the goods right from the first day and while we cruised in front of the magnificent and ancient castle towering above Cagliari the forecasted 15 knots felt quite strong even for our 7.4sqm slalom sails. So our pasta rations were pretty generous in the evening but even after heaps of the local red vine evereybody made it safe and sound to their rooms, at least somehow.

Unfortunately the wind made too much noise for us to get proper sleep and even during breakfast on our patio it was kind of dangerous with the local bread „paninini“ tending to become airborne. In the next couple of days it became a kind of routine for us, with our smallest slalom sails & boards getting quite a lot of hours on the water.

As an alternative to our intense slalom sailing we packed our vans with wavestuff, destination Chia.  On our first arrival it felt like we hadn't found one of the Italian top wave spots, it looked more like a classical garden pond without the ducks – mirror flat. Being on an island, we were offered some options, and so we made our way into the unknown southwest, away from the crowds and well known windsurf spots. The further we drove west, the more deserted the beaches became, right in front of  mountains as a background, with a couple of haunted ruins of ghost towns and long deserted copper mines. We had a free choice of different playgrounds, with all the waves just for the four of us. Even the beach bars at the large parks were still in hibernation mode, and looked somehow like the deserted ghost towns of the last century...


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