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„Lifestyles of the rich and the famous ...They're always complainin'
Always complainin' ...“

That´s the refrain of a song by the band Good Charlotte....and if you are bound to meet the rich and the famous, the British Virgin Islands are a good place to start.

Especially, if you are a kiteboarder, then in particular the Billanbong BVI Kitejam is just about the perfect event to mingle with the rich and famous....

2010 saw the premiere of the BVI Kitejam, born in the minds of guys named Charlie, Scotty and Richard at one night, after doing the 12mile long race from Necker Island to Anegada. If just it would have been John Doe and Peter whoever having a chat about an event with kiters jamming together, it would have been probably been stuck in the the status of an idea for years and decades, maybe forever.

But Charlie and Scotty are Kite-instructors on Necker Island, the private Island owned by Richard, to be more precise; Sir Richard Branson who was knighted by the Queen for his services to entrepreneurship. And you don´t get that title for nothing, so it didn´t take long till the idea became a real event, an event that changed kiteboarding in the British Virgin Islands forever.

2010 was an instant success, Pros and amateurs mingling and enjoying the microcosm of the British Virgin Islands, with the perfect kiteboarding grounds, stunning beaches and lots of Islands to explore. Put the whole bunch on sailing boats and move them around the islands, just as the wind blows and you have a hell of an adventure...

continue >>>                                                         Story and photos by Chris Hafer