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Beam me up Richard....

We are in the year 2010, soon flights into the endless void of space will be possible for (almost) everyone.
The man who makes this possible is Sir Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin imperium and besides that owner of Moskito Island and Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. Virgin Galactic will soon offer manned space flights for customers with a large enough banc account. An exact flight schedule is not set yet, but….. for everybody who wants to travel new worlds on a much cheaper budget: Welcome to the BVI – Kitejam 2010!

Everybody who leaves winter in Europe with destination British Virgin Islands will land on a different planet or even a different universe. A universe with 60 planets, respectively islands, everyone different and unique. As unique as the idea of the BVI - Kitejam, that was realized this year for the first time.

Some of the best pro kiters of the world, amongst them Kristin Boese, Andre Phillip, Susi Mai, Tuva Jansen, Tom Court, Chris Burke, Gretta Kruesi and Madison Van Heurckjede, plus 50 more kiteonauts of all kind of abilities and nationalities, went at the beginning of march to explore this area that up to now has been unknown territory for kiteboarders. They blended into a fleet of 14 spaceships in the form of catamarans, spiced with a dose of luxury, a huge shot of Caribbean feeling and adventure.

What did they find? An incredible variety of spots, all with constant trade winds between 10 and 20 knots, at least almost steady winds.

Photos and story by Chris Hafer

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