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The Morocco Diaries – 1995

Itīs been six years since my last visit to Morocco and it was more than time to return. Since I finished university I didnīt have that much time for travelling and the few longer (means two to three weeks) holidays I had during a year as a working man I used to satisfy my early nineties passion which was Puerto Rico.

But I still felt the desire to visit Morocco so i I booked two plane tickets for me and my girlfriend to Agadir in November 1995. We just had a week which is nothing for all the cultural highlights, stunning nature and exquisite waves that this country has to offer. But it was better than nothing and it was late autumn, a season that I had not experienced here before. It would mean a different nature, less consistent wind but – hopefully – winter swells. I was quite excited.

Friday, Nov. 17th: We landed at Agadir at 2 p.m. local time, got our rental car and drove north along the coast road. Taghazout had some nice waves but we had to continue as we had booked a room at the “Kaouki Beach Hostal” in Sidi Kaouki for the first days.

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