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Action Selfie 10 B.G.

It happened in the year 10 B.G. (before GoPro) that I felt that it was time for some experiments.

I was on a two months trip to Morocco and besides two weeks at the beginning I had been doing this trip alone. To the end of the trip I came back from the far south and stayed a few days in Essaouira before I had to continue the track back home. It was early February and the first glimpses of north-east trades had arrived. One late afternoon a force five breeze was brushing the bay of Essaouira and the odd one meter set wave was rolling in. Easy windsurfing conditions. So I decided to do a little bit of tinkering.

It had been ages since anybody had taken a photo of me windsurfing. It was time to realize an idea that I had in mind since quite some time. I took my compact camera loaded with slide film and covered everything not necessary for shooting a photo with duct tape. Then I took the top part of my tripod and taped it to the mast of my rigged up 5.0 sail and bolted the camera on the adapter.

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