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Back in the mid-nineties of the past century the area between Marseille and the Camargue appeared on the radar of French Med windsurfers and the wave sailor’s focus shifted from Sanary to Carro. Brutal Beach suddenly seemed overhyped concerning its status as wave sailing hot spot compared to what we saw and heard about that little fishing town west of Marseille. Reason enough to go on a trip for a reality check.

I had two weeks from Christmas until Three Kings day, which meant that the odds for wind and waves were some of the best you can get. Not too surprisingly winter is the premium time for scoring strong winds and solid waves in the Mediterranean Sea. I hit the road at Christmas Eve and reached Six Fours at two in the morning. The next day was sunny and mild with about 18 degrees and a light to medium wind was blowing. I had a fun afternoon cruise sailing session in the bay of La Coudouliere befor I went to Marseille to pick up my buddy Chris at the train station. From there we drove directly to Carro and spend the night on the large parking in the harbour

Next morning the MED welcomed us with head high waves and no wind and provided excellent surfing conditions on the reef. In the late afternoon even the sun came out and put the icing on the cake of a beautiful day.

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