Vanja Pakaski

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Vanja Pakaski:

Born in Swizzerland, (very!) female, started to surf on a river, rode her first “real” waves at age 18 in Corsica in the mediterranean sea, with 26 has besides Morocco, Fidji, Hawaii and Oz whole Indonesia on her score board, with waves like Uluwatu and Impossibles, lpans her next trips to Samoa and Papua New Guinea. Impossible? Van shows you how to do that!

We tried to get behing her secret:

datrip: when did you start surfing?

Vanja: With 12 on a bodyboard and with 18 on a surfboard.

datrip: How did you pick up surfing?

Vanja: It happened on a road trip to Corsica. We were lucky with the swell and after a few days I decided to give it a try on a surfboard. At a local beachbreak I made my first take offs and from than on I choose standup surfing.

datrip: Whatīs your favourite surf breaks?

Vanja: There is a few: in Morocco itīs Thagazout, in Indonesia and Java: Turtles, Cumaca, in Sumatra: Ombak Indha, at Bali: Airports, Kuta Beach, Impossibles, Uluwatu plus: everywhere in france and on Hawaii: Pupukea, Chans Reef

datrip: Best trips?

Vanja: Fiji: Frigets Island, paradise! Australia: Byron Bay, a dream with the right swell! Hawaii, Oahu, every day a challenge

datrip: You started relatively late with surfing and You started at the mediterranean sea, that isnīt blessed with too many waves. How did You manage to reach such a high level in such a short time in these circumstances? I mean, itīs not only that you are a member of the Roxy team, but youīve allready made a few trips to serious waves (I for example will not be able to surf Uluwatu properly in this live.....). Are you blessed with an overdoes of talent or what is the secret behind this “Blitz-“ career?

Vanja: It sounds like I got it pretty quick with my surfing skillz but I had to step throu some serious personal fears and trained very hard to get where I am now. The most time I was surfing with my boypals, and actually thatīs the point of the hole thing. They pushed me to my limits and you have to pick up on your level quickly to surf with these guys. At least you don't want to be the only one saying: "nah, it's too big or hard for me". Not to mention staying at the beach the whole time while they're surfing perfect waves!... I guess that made me a fast learner, and for sure my experience at the river made me go faster on tricks. Just the right time to thank all of you guys, especially Martin and Rolli for all the trips we made together.

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action pics by Jason Richter