Rik Fiddike

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Rik Fiddike

Again someone who came to surfing on the second chance.

I knew Rik already as an excellent windsurfer before I noticed through Jasons pics that he also surfed. With sail he was for some times omnipresent in windsurfing mags before he suddenly disappeared.

O. k. I thought before I started the interview, he didn´t make it to the absolute top in the windsurfing world and therefore now tries to market himself by surfing. But I soon realized that he surfs on a similar high level as he windsurfs. Naturally at dream destinations like Costa Rica, South Africa and Fiji. Lucky guy, I thought. Gifted with plenty of talent, looks good, and now he does the freesurf thing. What, he lives in Amsterdam now? Studies fashion design? That fits into the picture. Only guy among hordes of stylish Meisjes (dutch for chicks).

Sunnyboy. What, he runs (together with Miller) his own company, selling surfboards and fashion? O. k., he´s taking opportunity of the hype. Let´s see, what faith 21 has to offer. Checkt the site and, oh, this is a different style! Streetart with a mix of designers from Amsterdam and Capetown. Rik is responsible for the design. O. K., he allways had a sense fort he right outfit. But later he told me in the interview, that he has a project in Capetown that brings kids from the townships to the beach and teaches them surfing. Tells me, that they´re planning to organize a local surf team. At the same time he goes to the slums and donates clothes or helps building houses.

Man, I really misjudged the guy. Rik won´t reach mother Theresa status, but the guy has skills, a plan and a vision.

And he surfs and windsurfs damn good.

Read the full interview to get your own impression >>>

German version on soulsurfers.de

Pics by Jason F Richter