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This is another medium sized town pinched between steep mountains and the Mediterranean Sea along the Ligurian coast. It is situated at the Riviera di Ponente, a bay bordered by the capes of Mola and Aspera. Like most of these towns it has a long history dating back to the 10th century. For a long time it was an important shipbuilding location.

Nowadays you have a semi historic town centre at the middle of the bay and a yachting harbour to the west. Along the narrow beach runs a beach promenade, that has like everywhere here very limited parking space. The beach consists of gritty sand and a few jetties trying to prevent the sand getting swept away by winter storms and / or flooding.
In town you find plenty of bars, restaurants and supermarkets. Accommodation is very difficult to find when you do not want to go into a hotel. There are some small campsites a little bit outside of town but these are closed during winter.

Surfing: On its day, means with southerly swells Varazze has some of the best surf in mainland Italy. The main break at the outlet of the river has powerful rights and long lefts on offer. To the east there is another jetty with a sucky, sometimes slabby right. Both waves require some skills and get crowded soon. In bigger swells for experts only. In between these main breaks there are only closeout shore-breaks to find, scary mutants when the swell has size.

Windsurfing / Kiteboarding: not recommended.

Check the galleries for some images from the main break and the right to the east.

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