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Very nice scenery with dunes mostly covered with dune grass. Beautiful with the nordic light. Quiet in the off season. If You enter the dunes You can see both the north sea and the Watt.

The beach is again a large sand beach. Access is o.k. with a small parking lot just behind the dunes facing the beach. No other facilities. Waves break as small shorebreak and with some size on the outer sandbars. Bottom is all sand. Strong currents.

windsurf: winds from the south and northwest to north work best. Than You´ll find really nice wavesailing conditions and good jumping. West comes full onshore and is only good for masochists. Heavy shorebreak with little wind inside and fat chaotic waves with gusty winds outside. Combine that with a strong current and You know what I mean....

Winds get pretty strong in the main seasons spring and autumn, so bring small sails. Wavesailing spot for the experienced only.

surf: gets waves with some size (north sea standarts!) and on a day with the rare offshore conditions You´ll find shape in ´em. Still hard to catch waves because currents are strong and the outside sandbar is a bit of a paddle to get to.

kite: the beach is wide enough and contary to the windsurfers You can have fun even with the westwind - onshore conditions that You´ll find so frequently. Nothing for beginners but for the ones who know how to have fun in sizeable waves it´s a good place.