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This narrow peninsula bends like a elbow (therefore the name) into the shallow tidal basin (Watt in German). Very beautiful nature. The place is a natural preserve so be very respectfull. Keep on the road, stay on the marked parking areas. Take out Your trash.

The basin half embraced by the Ellbogen is very shallow and falls partially dry with low tide.

windsurf: winds from the west that cannot be used on the rest of the island come sideshore in the basin and offer superb flatwater conditions. With incoming tide You get a current that runs against the wind direction so You get endless downwind rides without to much worry about getting back upwind. Winds from the east and the south bring bump and jump conditions. Northerly winds come offshore in the basin but can be used a the easterly tip of the peninsula. The place offers a sometimes very helpful relieve from the heavy northsea conditions. With lighter winds it´s also a good beginner place as You can stand far into the basin. Have a look at the currents at the entrance from the Watt.

kite: good place for beginners as You almost allways can walk back to the beach. There´s plenty of room to start the kite. Works with all kind of wind directions.