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Rolling hills, green woods, yellow fields and white sands. A little chateau, old farms and small towns. This area is very, very beautiful and authentic.

Due to recent tourism developments – there have been built two beach cafes, one in front of the chateau area and one in front of the parking lot at the foot of the cliffs – access has become a bit more difficult. The road from the chateau to the beach is now closed. Parking along the road in the little wood is not possible anymore due to a boardwalk and new fences. The remaining access to the windsurfing area via the road following the beach is now officially restricted. The barrier supposed to block that access is currently open, but this might change.

So windsurfers now have to park at the parking lot “belonging” to the surfers, which makes the parking situation even more difficult, as this spot is VERY popular with surfers from the area once the wind is blowing from the northwest.

Still, this beach is one of the best places for windsurfing, kiteboarding and surfing the german baltic sea coast. The beach is all sand with some stones, bordered by a forest. With northwest winds this place is THE wavesailing and surfing spots for the strong windsurf and surf community from Kiel. With wind forces stronger than 6 bft, baltic sea waves with enough size for good jumping and the odd frontside turn roll in. And at the area further west, which is a bit sheltered from the wind but still gets the wave, there is always a group of wave starved surfers in the water braving the cold temperatures and getting some little rides.

Due to it´s fame the “White House”, as it´s called by the locals, can get very crowded. But if You move a bit away from the main spot, there will be room left for a fun session.

windsurfing: winds from the west come gusty (due to the hills they have to pass) but perfectly sideshore. If they´re strong enough they offer nice frontside waveriding on 1 to 1 1/2 m waves. Northwest is very consistent and comes side-onshore and produces the best waves. It offers good jumping and the one or another backside wave ride. East comes again sideshore and is good for bump and jump sailing. Sailing level on the water is always pretty high, as many semi pros from Kiel use this place as training ground.

kiteboarding: typical baltic sea fun kiting for advanced flyers

surfing: as said before, this a very popular spot for local surfers. But keep in mind, this is the Baltic sea, the wave creating north westerly winds come over only a short distance of open sea and waves come always with strong winds. The river-like currents don´t help either. There is some rare classic (for this area) days but let’s face it: this is only fun for the desperately surf starved.

bike: the very nice surrounding has a lot of small roads and tracks for some really nice bicycle tours. This a good way to check some other spots too.

Check the galleries for more pics from sessions at 2013-06-02, 2012-10-09, about the area, windsurfing, surfing and that famous day when storm Britta came over the baltic sea.

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