Playa Laga

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Playa Laga:

Itīs allways amazing, when mountains meet the sea. In this case, the fine sands of Playa Laga are framed by spectacular cliffs an a lush green backcountry covered with dense woods. Population is very thin in this area and You have to drive a while to find bigger settlements than the odd single farmhouses. Nevertheless the beach is very popular with locals coming from Gernika and as far as Bilbao to enjoy the clean waters and raw nature of this place. Due to the absence of bigger towns and the natural sanctionary of the Riserva de la Biosfera de Urdaibai, this is one of the few places in this area with absolutely no pollution (as long as stupid captaines dont crash their toxic ships).

The beach is easily accessible from the coast road. There is plenty of room to parc Your car as long as You donīt come too late during weekends. It costs a few Euros to park here during summer season but for that money You get toillets, showers directly at the beach and some shaded parking under trees. A nice restaurant offers good food for the hunger after a day at the beach. Allthough itīs officially forbidden usually itīs tolerated to camp in Your van at the beach parking under the trees. Donīt overuse that tolerance and keep a low profile in doing that. And have dinner in the restaurant or just buy a beer once in a while. That makes it for the locals easyer to let You stay here for a while.

To get food or for some nice partying head to Gernika, which is half an hour to drive.

surfing: when everything else in the area is too small, Youīll still find some fun waves at this place. Itīs a beachbreak with 3 peaks that work best from low to mid tide. The bottom is sand and the waves are not too powerfull, so itīs a good place for beginners too. With bigger waves the place maxes out very quickly. Better to head for other places than.

other activities: with strong enough legs the area offers fantasic bicycling, road and offroad alike. Hiking is also a good option to get more of the fantastic nature of this area.

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