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Mole Q:

somewhere along the danish north sea coast there is a string of jetties, build to protect the coast from further erosion. Naturally, behind the last jetty erosion is back in full force, as the currents take away the sand to one direction but due to the jetties doesnīt bring sand from the other direction. A remarkable bend in the coastline is the logical consequence. And this bend can create some nice surf.

At the beach there is a nice parking lot with some new buildt toilets and a very nice barbecue area. The beach recently got the blue flag which certificates perfect water quality in Europe. help to keep it clean!

Not far away from the beach there is a small village that has a supermarket, a nice church and some old traditional farm houses. The area around is one of the most beautifull of the danish north sea coast with rolling hills, green fields, some cliffs and nice sand dunes.

Surfing: Thereīs a right that works with small to medium sized swells. The takeoff zone is very close to a small jetty. You can walk in through shallow water sheltered by the jetty until a distance of about 10 meters to the lineup. When you time your entrance good, itīs just a short paddle with dry hair. If you time it bad you might get hammered into the sandbar. The wave has a lot of juice even with small size.

On a good day - and with good nerves - you can take a wave in front of the jetty and ride it more than 100 meters all the way to the sandy beach. The spot can only handle a maximum of 5 surfers due to the narrow take off zone. So keep your mouth shut, when you happen to stumble upon that place.

Windsurfing: the inside right might be a bit hairy as it breaks very close to stone jetties but the outside sandbar can provide some nice jumping and the one or other down the line ride with the right wind direction.

Kiteboarding: due to the rock jetties itīs not very comfortable to launch your kite here. Experts only!

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