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This is where moderate - speeking of the climate - and densly populated Central Europe ends and rough and relatively empty Scandinavia beginns. Though very flat landscapes dominate the country, the place is full of harsh contrasts. Long days in summer face very short winterdays. The sharp contrasts and intense colours given by the nordic sun change within minutes to contourless dark gray caused by low hanging clowds. Land is never far from the sea as it either consists of islands or is divided by numerous fjords and lakes. Few more densely populated areas with a rich culture and history  are borderd by vast areas where a hundred year old small farmhouses present the architectonical and cultural highlights in the shadow of face- and styleless townhouses and fast food restaurants. Even in summer warmth is never far from freezing cold. Sunrays very frequently come together with pouring rain. The only constant is the never really ending wind, but even that chances it´s direction very often.

As most of Denmark consists of coasts which are constantly passed by fast moving low pressure systems, this is an exciting playgound for all kind of wind needing vehicles. Sailors love the Kattegat and numerous waterways in north Jytland. Windsurfer and kite enthusiasts come in great numbers to the north sea , the so called fjords and the baltic sea alike. And the north sea, though blocked from the open ocean swells by the British Isles, offers surfable waves for the ones who know to read a weather map. If You can stand the cold it´ll be a fantastic waterwourld for You.

Allthough the country is small and distances are short You´ll have to decide between two completely different environments. The areas facing the north sea are dominated by this very rough and sometimes brutal mini ocean. The Kattegat and the Islands of Sjaelland and Fyn have allmost the same wind conditions but face much mellower waters.

Best time for Your x-over watersport trip to D-land is May to June and September to November. Then You´ll have very good chances on satisfying wind and waves combined with acceptable temperatures. Sun and clouds and rain are equaly devided. July and August can get hot and windless and waveless but there`ve been also years with good surfconditions in this time of the year. Dezember to Apris see a lot of wind and waves but are simply too cold for the normal guys and girls.

Denmarks west coast has good surf (for north sea standarts!) but is not the typical surftrip destination. Most of the swell is created by local winds and therefor windblown most of the time. Even if You are lucky enough to be there when the waves are on and the wind is off it´s just a couple of hours until the waves die or the wind turns on. So if You “only” surf, Denmark is very likely to frustrate You a lot. For those living in Denmark and der regions across the border, the north sea coast offers a surprisingliy high quota of fun surfing days as long as they have a flexible time scedule that alows them to make those 1 to 3 day trips when the elements cooperate.