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Gettin to this place is not very nice. Once You leave the motorway You drive throug a vast industrial area which stretches all the way to shore. Embedded into this typical Canarian industrial complex is a small town called Arinaga. There is shops, bars, restaurants and what else a small town needs. Due to it´s somewhat unscenic location this is a typical local town which very few tourists ever get to see.

The coast in this area has some jetties which create narrow beaches. In Arinaga itself the ocean is framed by some sort of a harbour wall and the walls of the beach promenade. Only a few dots of sand beach and some flat rocks are left. One of these flat rocks emerges into a veritable shallow reef which creates a very nice wave that offers a short and hollow left and a longer right.

South of the town the jetties create some more sandy beaches which are kept narrow by coastal and road fortofications.

surfing: the best break is the above mentioned little reef right in town. The protection by town and harbour walls makes this one of the few spots on the east coast that work with the never ending NE-trades. North and west winds offer offshore conditions. As the place is situated right in town and has a very small take off area, even small crowds become a problem. If You get there as a stranger, surf in the morning and leave the rest of the day to the locals, especially to the kids, to whom this place is the only possibility to surf and bodyboard without having to find someone with a car and lizence.

The long jetty south of town produces some refracting waves with a north or northeast swell that work o.k. It has far less protection from NE-winds.

windsurfing: should work at the southern end of the bay. Mostly freestyle or freeride (as they call it nowadays) conditions.

kiteboarding: narrow beaches. The jetties give a thrilling challenge in jumping over them....

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