Harbour Wall

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Harbour Wall:

The north end of Corralejos harbour is protected from the open ocean by a massive harbour wall. North of that lies a quarter with a couple of hotels and hostals. This area faces the ocean with a new build promenade that leaves a narrow stretch of flat rock. Not a place for sunseeking tourists who look for a bath in the ocean as the flat rock has the typical sharp edges and often gets pounded by some solid waves.

But itīs a good place for surfers who like to combine Corralejos nightlife with some good surf without needing a car. There is some fairly cheap accomodations here plus that german bakery where you can have a nice breakfast while checking the waves. Downtown Corralejo is just 10 minutes by foot. Despite these advantages itīs not a place for everyone as you have to deal with the sight of some ugly buildings and too many drunken tourists. You have to like that kind of things.

surfing: swells from the west and northwest create some very nice lefts, that can offer long rides with some juice. It is best with winds from the south to southeast but the reefs create surfable waves even with light onshore winds. Due to its proximity to town it allways has a crowd. Use the early morning hours when party goers are still knocked off.

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