Le Lion Qui Dort

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Le Lion Qui Dort

The remnants of a mountain, dust, stones and absolutely no vegetation. Itīs a very barren area, that hides that perfect reef that is supposed to create that perfect waves. Find Your way through those pistes on a day with huge swell from the west and Youīll find the much rumoured wave. It has massive and fast tubes with the right conditions, they say.....

Climb the mountain and check out the other mystic waves in this area, Ali Baba with itīs hidden rock obstacles and, far in the background, Curral Joul with that perfect but merciless flesh eating reef.

surf: long, tubey rights brake along the coast into a small bay with good sized swells from the west. The water is very shallow and the reef is, like allmost everywhere on Sal, sharp lava. The trades are allways offshore and halp making the wave even hollower. Times with this spot breaking up to itīs full potential are very rare.

windsurf: the predominatly NE - trades come offshore inside the large bay. On itīs northern side, just before You reach the surf spot and the mountain, You can take off with sideshore winds for some flatwater crossing of the bay. Mind the hidden rocks, which are sometimes very close to the watersurface and donīt break anything because the wind blows You quickly past the mountain into open ocean. The surfbreak itself canīt be sailed because the wind direction and the direction of the wave breaking are opose themselfs.

kiteboarding: Flatwater makes fun if You forget, that the wind direction is very dangerous.