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I returned to town in the dark. The sea promenade and the beach that had been bustling with people during the day was now deserted. I parked at the harbour and went to search for a restaurant. This time I had no problems finding a table and stilled my huge hunger with a large pizza. This Sunday had already been worth the long journey over here.

And the forecast was still good for the following days. Quite a bit colder and with more northerly winds but also with a constant supply of north swell. I went to bed early and immediately fell into a deep and satisfied sleep.

Monday morning was a classic Monday morning. It was grey, cold and rainy. The wind was coming from the north and did not really know what to do. It was changing in force all the time with. It also changed direction for a few degrees once in a while, turning side-offshore for a while before blowing cross-onshore again.

I had a quick look at South Bay but didn´t like it. So, I turned the van northbound to do some sightseeing and check a couple of other beaches. At Whitby the rain had stopped and I stopped also for a little walk around town. I had parked up at the South Cliffs and walked along the river mouth into town centre. Down at the river the sun came out and the day started to look brighter.

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