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So, the decision was made: hit the road and drive south. I calculated about 6 hours to get to Cornwall, major traffic jams not included. With luck, I would arrive in the late evening. But I was not in a hurry, because according to the forecast it would be absolutely flat this day and the expected high period swell was expected to slowly filter in the following day.

I was very lucky – it was a Friday before a long weekend with bank holiday on Monday - because the first real traffic jam I ran into was at Bristol. There I lost about an hour. Near Exeter the motorway was free again and I made good progress. To get some relieve from the endless driving I left the main road soon after and made a little detour into the Bodmin Moors. I had been here before in the wake of another trip and I had liked it. But that was during the last hours of a foggy day and I hadn´t seen too much of the area.

This time it was overcast but there was no fog. I was heading for the Minions Heritage Centre up on the hills. The drive up there is over steep, winding and very narrow roads and quite a task with a large van like mine. The absence of fog and very little traffic made it quite easy though and in contrary to last time I reached the plain fairly relaxed. I was nevertheless more than pleased to get out of the van after all this driving and go for a little hike.

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