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But these waves broke over very shallow ground as I found out when I had to turtle roll a couple of set waves. It was about knee-deep at the take-off spot and the reef had holes and rocks sticking further out. I was a bit scared by this all alone out there and stuck to taking off larger on the shoulders. Didn´t get the best rides this way but had a few o.k. ones.

Back in town I killed some time by walking around the harbour and tried to figure out what to do with the remaining three more days. The forecast for the East Coast was not good, but there was a chance for some little swell in combination with offshore winds down in Cornwall. This would mean quite a bit of a detour but it was the only region in reachable distance that offered a chance to surf.

I decided to check the surf here early Friday morning and then make a final decision.


I got up early to avoid the upcoming traffic jams in the wake of the “Tour de Yorkshire” bicycle race with the leg of today finishing in Scarborough. To make sure I did not miss any surf I checked South Bay and Cayton Bay which both had no decent swell and were windblown.

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