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The grass is always greener on the other side of the pond.

After 6 month of continuous 50 to 60 hours working weeks – with only one short but intense 4-day interruption spent in Yorkshire - I had the first chance to take a week off in late April. It was no question that I would go on a trip. The question was where to go. Usually this is a good time to go to Britany but the forecast was lame. For the whole week, there was forecasted a 0,5-meter wind-swell in combination with a northerly wind all along the French Atlantic coast. Nothing worth doing the 1.500 kilometres drive west.

Denmark and Norway didn´t look good either with strong north-westerly winds and temperatures pretty close to freezing. But north-westerly winds in combination with north swells are a good setup for the other side of the North Sea, so in the end I decided to visit England and in particular Yorkshire again, knowing that at least the next couple of days could get very nice over there.

Saturday morning, I reached Calais. I had tried to book a ferry the evening before. The offered prize was around 75 Euros which is a pretty good prize for my large van. But the booking process on the mobile phone took me a bit longer and when I thought that it was finished – this was close to midnight - the website told me that it was unable to proceed the booking because the prize had changed. The prizes had doubled – what they obviously always do once you book at the day off the crossing – but I had hope to make it to the Scarborough during daylight which would allow me a first surf session the same day. So, I paid and entered the line leading to the border controls.

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