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At dawn the wind was pretty far down. And so were the waves. A light wobble was still moving out at sea but ended at the beach in a weak splash. A guy on a life-saving board was out for a training session but even with this ship barely managed to catch a wave back in.

I went for a walk along the rocky headland and was greeted by a warm morning light when the sun made it over the horizon. The landscape looked even more beautiful in this light, but the waves or whatever a ripple was left out at sea didn´t.

So that was it for this region. The Danish North Sea coast would be good today but this option I had wasted by staying here for the night.

So I started the long drive home. I faintly hoped that the wind would turn southeast a bit earlier as forecasted and catch a few more waves at the Baltic but this did not happen. Instead I ended doing another walk, in nice and unusually warm weather and along a stunning coastline, before I made the last part of the motorway back to Hamburg.

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you – sort of – lose.

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