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This couldn´t have been all. I needed to find a solution for this wind direction. I once again pondered about driving to the Baltic Sea coast but this would have been two hours on the road during daylight and two potentially lost hours for surfing (or windsurfing). So I went to check the next peninsula again. The southwest should pick up and blow stringer than the day before.

When I reached my destination it was pretty calm but I stayed patient and went for a walk along the coast. Waves were breaking a notch bigger than the day before but still not surf-able, not even worth paddling out for somebody already pretty desperate.

I stayed for a good hour and tried to take the waiting easy. Thunderstorms passed but nothing really changed at the lineups. I started to get angry. I decided to leave.
Once again there were a few options that I had to choose in between. Baltic Sea, back to the harbour town from yesterday, the next peninsula up north, the northern end of the Kattegat and even a rally to the Danish North Sea coast were more or less realistic options.

I decided to keep the drive short and avoid the crowds and go for the unknown which meant driving to the next peninsula and the coast where the current wind direction would blow side-onshore.

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