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Maybe we (at the other side of the North Sea) are all pussies compared to British East Coast surfers. It was almost dark and temperatures were near freezing, the wind was icy (I had completely numb fingers in no time just from shooting photos), the North Sea was pumping and these guys got more waves on the head than they surfed but they kept paddling and stayed out until all light was gone.

I waited until the last of these cold-water warriors took a wave in before I left. On the way back up the hill I got one last impression about the potential for perfection of this place.

This had been an exciting day. Even for just watching. But I felt the growing urge to get wet myself and prayed for my cold to back off.
Back in the hostel I took a warm shower, went out to get something to eat and went to bed early. Getting energy back into my systems and getting the cold out of my systems was the mission. The forecast for Sunday was for grey and rainy weather but no wind and still some northerly swell.

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