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The tide was still very low but the part of the beach, that is usually too protected to get any waves already revealed a view onto some pretty solid waves, bruised into shape by a still side-offshore wind.  It is difficult to really judge if the waves break decently from down here. So I walked over to the Spa und up the hill flank.

This stand point showed that the waves were indeed breaking pretty well in the sheltered part of the beach. There were some pauses but very nice rights were peeling quite regularly.

The parts of the bay south of the harbour were fully exposed to a very solid north swell that bended perfectly around the tip of the peninsula and into the bay. The high period swell sent regular pulses of fine lines to the southern parts of the beach, where they ended in some impressive waves.

There was only a handful of guys out and I was cursing my cold and the resulting general weakness. But there had to be duck-dived solid sets out there and this would have been absolutely no fun for me. Even the possibility of climbing the hills with a cable car after the session wouldn´t have helped much.

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