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North Sea swell chase.

I needed to surf.  Had been working too much the past two months. Not even had a Christmas holiday. Even worth: I missed a couple of good swells at the Danish North Sea coast. So, I had to go. Soon. I had been scanning the forecasts for the North Sea and for the Mediterranean Sea (in case I could manage to take a week off) intensely. A serious storm was approaching the North Sea (and another one in the Med, but I soon had to realize that I would not be able to take a whole week off). The forecasts were a bit unstable concerning the local winds – no surprise for mid-range forecasts – but it looked like some hefty northerly swell could stir up the North Sea.

For a few days, it looked like it could get epic in Denmark. The Kattegat was an option too. But the nearer we got to the event, the clearer it became that the winds would be too westerly for Denmark.

January, Friday 13th would be THE day. The forecast was predicting north swell with way over 5 metres for the whole day but also gale force north-westerly winds. Denmark would be a chaotic mess with these conditions. But wait a minute, massive north swell plus westerly wind direction? This is the perfect setup for the other side of the pond! Particularly the Yorkshire coast could get epic waves under this scenario.

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