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Summer of 2016

The summer of 2016 was a wet one (at least until the end of July) in northern Germany and it´s northern neighbours, which made many people complain. The ones who didn´t complain at all were windsurfers, kitesurfers and surfers as the wet weather came together with more wind and – in the consequence – more waves that you can usually expect during this time of the year. So, warm water, fairly warm air and plenty of wind plus some decent wind-swell, who cares about some rain with this scenario?

Here´s a collection of stories and photos from this summer´s sessions in the North Sea and Baltic Sea:

Transition times: Early September is the time when you start to realize that the days become remarkably shorter up in the north. It is the time, when you realize that summer is over once again. It is the end of the very early and close to midnight sessions. But it is also the beginning of wind and swell blessed fall and it is the peak of the hurricane season. >>>

July 15th to 17th, Denmark, west coast. The forecast had promised another depression creating winds that looked very much like autumn. A wind field was supposed to path the Danish west coast from south to north creating some solid windswell. >>>

July 6th, Germany, Baltic Sea. Therapeutic Surfing. Saturday morning I woke up with an aching head. >>>