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Summer of 2016, July 6th, Germany, Baltic Sea.

Therapeutic (Wind-) Surfing

Saturday morning I woke up with an aching head. “Cool”, I was thinking, “now it got me with an of these viruses or similar bugs” that keep you out of action for a week (or seven days, if you go to a doctor). Something that did not fit into my plans at all as a rare summer storm was approaching. A pretty decent northwest wind was forecasted for Wednesday and it was supposed to blow all day and even at the western Baltic Sea.

The forecast was also promising for the Kattegat but Sunday evening my head was still feeling very bad despite having spent the weekend mainly on the couch and so I gave up the idea of a two-day trip up there.

So I struggled through the first two working days of the week in the desperate hope that on Wednesday I would be at least able to go for a windsurfing or surfing session at our local shores. Tuesday night it did not look good but I packed all I would need for a day trip for the case of a miracle recovery.

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