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In fact, even after barely a handful of days spent here, this place already rocketing up to the top of my list of favourite surf spots. The point itself is just a real fun break with plenty of quality albeit not reserved for the absolute cracks. In addition, during higher tides the reef to the east provides a fun A-Frame. Add to this the beautiful mix of cliffs and sandy beaches and the numerous beach bars and cafés and the whole package sums up to a very enviable place to live.

I stayed out until noon when the lineup started to fill up and I was exhausted anyway. Once dressed in dry clothes again I walked over to the beach bar and had some delicious food with great view on the righthanders still peeling mechanically along the point. Relaxed and re-energized I was ready to return to the city. On the way back to the camping I checked some other interesting looking setups and mind-marked a few of them.

I parked the van on the camping and went to search the bus station for the 711a line. I only got lost a few times on the way to the buss top and from here on had a smooth and quick ride to the centre of Lisbon. I dropped off the bus at the Praça dos Restauradores. I resisted – albeit with difficulties - to enter the Pasteleria shop in front of the bus stop and walked down to the Praça do Comércio.

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