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Tuesday, Feb. 6th

I got up early and drove straight to the point. It was sunny, with a light northerly wind but flat. I had a Galao at the beach caf and then headed east on the expressway. It was time to start exploring the city.

I was past the morning rush hour and so the drive on the expressway along the coast was a nice cruise with beautiful views. Shortly before the southern outskirts of Lisbon I turned a little bit inland and drove to a large camping just besides some major motorway junctions. The campground lay within a hilly park-like area with plenty of trees and provided some nice pitches. During summer holiday season this place would probably be packed, but now it was almost empty. I decided to make it my base camp for the following days and checked in.

Outside the campground lay a couple of bus stations and it took me while to figure out which one to take to get to the city centre. It turned out to be a slow bus following windy roads up and down the hills and stopping at almost every junction. So the ride took me a while and when it finally reached the Tajo river at the Belm quarter I had enough and jumped off to start my exploration of the city here.

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